Eyeshadow Essentials How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners

Women are  usually able to apply there makeup quite well even with the many cosmetic brands available, but when they talk about eyeshadow some younger women get overwhelmed for a host of reasons. The first lesson in learning how to apply eyeshadow would be to never use colors that contrast with your natural born eye color.  For example, if your eyes are ocean blue and you choose to use lets say a darker eyeshadow the effect just might age you instead of highlighting the true beauty of your eyes.  What you want to do is pick an eyeshadow color that compliments and never contrasts or takes away from your natural eye color.

The best eyeshadow tips start with a good base. Eyeshadow does not only make your eyes look bigger, they can also add drama and draw attention to your eyes.  The most important step before anything else is to apply a good base or primer.  To apply eyeshadow directly to skin defeats the purpose of a good makeup application.   You do not want  your eyeshadow to collect in the crease of the eye  or worse yet melt into your skin like lotion as if you never put any on. A good primer should match your skin tone. Too light and the eyeshadow could have you looking like a raccoon, too dark and you could look like 80’s night or worse a scary clown.

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Tips & Tricks NEW lip tint hydrators

What do you put in your makeup bag? Are you currently overwhelmed with the many types of makeup that you can place in it? Most women don’t have a lot of time when getting ready for the day. They want a simple basic routine when it comes to their everyday makeup look. Something they can throw on and feel confident to face the day with but not necessarily look made up, just put together and polished. Get lip tint hydrators now! The best tinted hydrating lip balms ever created.

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Significant Details Regarding Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion

With the increasing number of skin cancer cases, Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion stands out as the only remedy to this global scourge. Known to be caused by excessive exposure to direct sun rays, skin cancer can be prevented by the simple use of the effective Sun Labs self tanning lotion. Cancer of the skin can also result from dry skin when exposed to ultraviolet sun rays.

With the increasing awareness about skin protection, every care has been taken to ensure that Sun Labs self tanning lotion is safe and does not react with the skin once applied. The product is non-harmful and gentle on all skin types. Being sure with Sun Labs self tanning lotion, just like any other skin care tanner, it is the rule of the thumb for one to consult a skin care specialist before using it.

The Sun Lab self tanning lotion comes in a unique packaging and in different formulations. For the first time user, it is important to differentiate between sprays, gels and polishers. Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion is affordable and has clear instructions on how to apply. It is also convenient to keep at home for people who love applying it at the comfort of their homes.


As much as online reviews are informative, buying skin care items for the first time can be traumatizing. Sun Labs self tanning lotion are tested and are better than sun or bed tanning solutions and are value for money in the long run. Used as a sunscreen, the lotion has the capacity to protect the skin from the elements while keeping the skin moisturized.

For the first time Sun Lab self tanning lotion user, it is the best sunscreen for both indoor and outdoor application. For better results when applying, more emphasis needs to be put on areas like the elbows, knees and ankles because the skin around these joints is rather tough. When used evenly on the rest of the body, it eradicates patchy tans restoring the natural complexion.

Sun Labs self tanning lotion construction ensures that the ingredients that go into it are user friendly and have no known side effects. Most competing products use paint and dye, which stains rather than tan, and they take longer to set after applying. When applying the self tanner, avoid exposing it to the eyes as it might irritate them.

When used professionally, Sun Labs self tanning lotion offers relaxation and therapeutic benefits to the clients. Unlike other self tanners, Sun Labs self tanning lotion can be bought over the counter since it does not have an age and sex restrictions and no side effects and is ideal for prevention of anti sagging and ageing prematurely of the skin.

Once Sun Labs self tanning lotion has been applied, it is also easy to remove to revert to the normal complexion. Using the normal baking soda in soapy lukewarm water does the trick. There are many positive Sun Labs self tanning lotion reviews online and they are the best resource to get started with on your beauty journey.

You can find details about the advantages you get when you use Sun Labs self tanning lotion and more information about Sun Labs self tanner best price options, now.